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LED decorative color lights form a unique styling style

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LED decorative color lights form a unique styling style

Date of release:2017-12-26 Author:WUXIN Click:

Bamboo strip as thin as onion skin of bamboo sheets, made baskets, fans, is the south of Zhongshan is unique, it will be made in a transparent body of the lantern, ran out of local customs. The glass - blown led decorated lantern, the dye ligation lamp, the silver plated glass lamp, all show magical imagination and creativity. The organic combination of traditional technology and modern science and technology is the remarkable artistic feature of the Zhongshan Lantern Festival. It has made the unity of shape, color, sound, light and movement, and became the representative of modern LED decorative lantern.

"Shape". The Lantern Festival, the other with panoramic saga, different art style buildings, lights of different types and varieties of craft lamp, lantern, lamp, lamp, and figures large group of lights, interwoven in the beauty of natural beauty and artificial beauty in the realm of art. Light shape is also due to the subject matter, content and ways of expression of different kinds of style and rich and varied, dry, all attitude, unique style of Zhongshan lantern festival.



"Color". Since it is a light, it is the main tone to represent the red and peaceful red. But not only this, its color change and use, almost all of the hue of the world. Red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, purple, color and profound change unpredictably. All the joy, serenity and artistic conception have been displayed in the emotional world of this color.

"Light". The light of the Lantern Festival is not a single light. The light here is a point, a beam, a row, a piece. The formation of "Shanguangshuise thousands of heavy, wonderful landscape far different level". The flickering light, give you a mysterious sense of perception; the red light, arouse the desire and pursuit of your wishful; the water light has colorful beam, light to withdraw the Longkou spray under seven starpatch. In particular, it is worth mentioning that the light of the light of the Zhongshan Lantern Festival is the main light source. This light is transmitted from the "stomach" of the lamps and lanterns; it makes the light more vitality and infectious.

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