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LED decorative lights are used in different styles in the way of internal storage

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LED decorative lights are used in different styles in the way of internal storage

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People's pursuit of the quality of life has been meticulous, it is expected that the lighting equipment in the home can be quite changeable, and even express the different atmosphere with our mood. So I hin and other intelligent light bulbs, lamps can also have such a market. In particular, the light belt, can be furnished with furniture or home furnishings, using the way in the collection of different styles.

But led decorative lanterns prices also make people feel not so close to the people, the recent Japanese trust Technology launched a LED lamp belt, although not like that can be adjusted by app to do all kinds of mobile phone, but 1980 yen (about 100 yuan people) price obviously much more reasonable, but also quite decorated with feeling.


1, the power connection method: the LED lamp has a general voltage of 12V, so it needs to be supplied by switching power supply. The size of the power is determined according to the power and length of the LED lamp. If you do not want to take each LED lamp with a power to control, switching power supply can buy a relatively large power for the total power supply, then put all LED light with all input power in parallel (wire size is not enough, can also extend) unified by the total power switch. Such advantages can be centralized control. The inconvenient part is not able to achieve the lighting effect and switch control of a single LED lamp belt. The specific way can be measured by itself.

2, pay attention to the connection distance of LED lamp belt. Generally speaking, the LED lamp belt of LED decorative lantern series has the longest connection distance of 20 meters, the 5050 series LED lamp belt and the longest connection distance is 15 meters. If the connection distance is exceeded, the LED light belt is very easy to heat, and the service life of the LED lamp belt will be affected in the use process. Therefore, the installation must be installed in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer, and avoid the LED lamp with overload operation.

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