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What are the reasons for the hot sale of LED Festival lights?

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What are the reasons for the hot sale of LED Festival lights?

Date of release:2017-12-26 Author:WUXIN Click:

Various years of evolution led holiday lights, may engage in or know the landscape lighting industry of the people, must know the beginning of LED street festival lamp simple style, is nothing more than a fixed one or two, the price is relatively high, at that time, outdoor LED holiday lamp landscape lamp is a very popular the product, few people understand, but with these years led holiday lamp evolution, either from the bracket, lampposts led holiday lamp light source and led holiday lamp shell itself, as it is the style of the myriads of changes led holiday lamp lampposts, therefore become one of the reasons in recent years in the lighting industry relative comparison of popular products, and the rise of LED holiday lamp because of the price, the price of LED streetlight holiday lights in recent years down drastically, thousands of yuan to from the previous A few hundred dollars now, before the big city lamppost to hang, now the rural consumption also lampposts, and every year to celebrate the festival, so the demand for street lamp LED holiday lamp has increased greatly, so the reason lamppost led holiday lamp selling us as can be imagined!


To create a smart lighting system with energy saving and high efficiency, using MCU and adjustable optical drive for sensing the environment, efficient dimming is popular LED lighting system design trend nowadays, in addition, optical simulation and heat dissipation is also an integral part of the development to ensure the reliability and safety of the LED products of the festive lights.

With the popularity of the use of LED Festival lights, the application is becoming more and more diverse, and the business opportunities of the intelligent lighting system are expected by the industry. In order to create LED intelligent lighting system, import MCU can achieve automatic adjustment of brightness, color automatic transformation, environmental sensing, and group system control. It can enrich the application of LED lanterns and improve energy efficiency.

On the other hand, it is more important to verify the feasibility of products through the simulation process of optical and heat dissipation, which not only ensures product safety, but also accelerates product development time and improves market competitiveness in the simulation process.

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