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LED decorative lantern is expected to be a future building trend

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LED decorative lantern is expected to be a future building trend

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There are many kinds of the origin of the lantern, a view widely spread is the lantern festival lanterns began the custom of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Han Emperor Ming Liu Zhuang advocated Buddhism, Buddhism has heard the fifteen monk Buddha relic concept, lightingpractice, ordered that day night at the Imperial Palace and temples to show respect Buddha, among all the people hanging. After this festival gradually formed Buddhism etiquette folk festival. The festival has experienced the growth process from the palace to the folk, from the Central Plains to the world. Tang Kaiyuan, in order to celebrate the Cathay CAS, people tie lanterns, with uncertain light shine, a symbol of "color Long Zhaoxiang, min Fu Guoqiang, popular folk lantern in the future.

As with OLED, the organic electronic LED decorative color lamp and the LED decorative color lamp are also in the research and development of new devices. One of the most important, is also the most close to the market, is the electrical and mechanical LED decorative color lights and LED decorative color lights. At the end of 2014 and the first few months of 2015, there were several typical examples of building organic solar cells, which combine organic solar system and architecture, which perfectly demonstrated what is "intelligent building".


The system is designed to produce 1 thousand peak watts of power per 20 square meters. In May of last year, the world's largest resilient liners and Riley, a concrete template manufacturer, said they had completed the external wall installation of the company headquarters with the largest solar panel manufacturer in Europe. The installed exterior wall faces south-west. The power of the exterior wall is said to have 1000 peak watts, and the area covered by the battery panel is 16.8*3.5 meters. The new outer wall creates 25% more energy than the same kind of systems built with traditional technology. Considering the total area of the external walls built in the world is about 130 million square meters per year, so this solid solar wall is expected to become the future trend of building.

In addition to lighting, home lanterns have other meanings. Every year the school (the ancient school) school, parents will prepare a lantern lit by the teacher, for future generations, as a symbol of a bright future of the students, known as the "lights". Then the custom of raising lanterns in the Lantern Festival was made. Because of similar pronunciation and "Tim", is also used to pray for children with lanterns. The period of Japanese occupation, patriots drawing folk stories on the lanterns, the children understand their cultural guidance, is to have the significance of passing the torch.

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