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What are the reasons for the failure of the LED decorative color lights

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What are the reasons for the failure of the LED decorative color lights

Date of release:2017-12-26 Author:WUXIN Click:

For example, LED lights luminous characters of a local show different brightness, color error, LED lights light is some font does not appear so. So what are the reasons for these situations? The following LED decorative lights are made up for you to explain. There are three reasons for the reason.

The reason is that the LED module in LED decorative lantern is not the same type. Different manufacturers have different types of LED modules. Their luminous effects are different. Usually, there are few companies doing this, usually at the time of making a request to use a consistent batch to prevent this question. The same manufacturer, not the same batch will also have a certain difference. It is necessary to prevent this very primary fault at the time of manufacturing.

Two reasons: leakage, some installation site there is leakage, or is the time to do the word go line is not the way, or joint is not connected, perhaps from the beginning of second words, leakage local, lug tape opened, the ground. So the request is in the manufacturing time to walk the line, to check again and again.


Reason three: the light source is not evenly distributed. Maybe there are too many LED lights on the road. This can not be too much. How much string each string brings to you? Ask the manufacturer you bought the lamp. A little too much when compared to the local area bright, some use too little, so must the brightness is not the same, a light source placed density according to the request of operation, a self organization can not do whatever they want, usually companies are requested in the manufacturing time, according to the company's request to put the light source.

The reason is four: you are connected in series, and the main line that the power pulls is first connected to the first word and then the string is second. The current passing behind will be smaller and smaller, and the smaller the current, the lower the luminance.

Reason five: power transformer power is too small, to use the normal needs of the transformer, according to the size of the word to use different transformers. Under this condition, we analyzed two power (transformers) you eight words for example, four a, four a, you can put the power in the center, divided at both ends of wiring, can deal with this question, it is best to use a line of coarse points. You again from the power source pull out the road, take back four words, four words at the top of the main road of second schemes, is the best, the most thorough treatment of doubt): our module, so, more than forty are connected to the loop.

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