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Details that should be paid attention to when buying led Festival Lights

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Details that should be paid attention to when buying led Festival Lights

Date of release:2017-12-26 Author:WUXIN Click:

When buying led Festival lights, buyers usually have to look at the brightness of their internal LED lights. Nowadays, basically all Chinese knot lamps will use LED lights. The direction of the beam of LED can be adjusted completely, so that we can make wider range of illumination.

LED lighting is usually very compact and light weight, because it is very suitable for outdoor lighting, and has high water resistance. It is very suitable for LED Festival lights. With the development of street lighting, the LED Festival lights are becoming more and more common, because of their long life and low energy use.

We at the LED Festival lights when the choice, in addition to the brightness of the LED lamp to observe the built-in, also need to check the quality of the rubber gasket in the LED festival of lights, this will also affect the day after use.


1, highlight the theme, distinctive features, and emphasize the building of the image of the building;

2, we should focus on both the focus and the general effect of the general lighting liquid crystal. The LED landscape lamp ensures the coordination of the ambient lighting.

3, the technical and artistic combination of lighting;

4, comply with the requirements of the corresponding planning and standardization;

5, careful use of color light;

6, select reasonable lighting mode (Pan - cast light, outline lighting, interior light illumination, dynamic lighting).

7, saving money and saving electricity;

8. Avoid glare or light interference in buildings and observers;

9. The design of the control system should be flexible.

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