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How should the LED decorative color light fail to deal with it?

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How should the LED decorative color light fail to deal with it?

Date of release:2017-12-26 Author:WUXIN Click:

In the LED decoration color lamp decoration profession, there are many customers who are especially easy to meet the trouble of one thing, that is, if the decoration of the LED lamp is broken, how do you do it? LED decorative lantern lighting quotation or a hundred. It's not cheap. The usual manufacturer meets the question of customer response. It will be cold and perhaps procrastinating, and some even disregard customers directly, it is a one-time transaction. There are all the above situations, which are often lost to customers. However, there are also a single professional lighting manufacturers will actively cooperate with customer response problems.



The first LED decorative color lamp is broken, first to conclude that the LED decorative color lamp is the external parts bad, or the internal LED lamp is not bright. The external part is broken, perhaps in the process of transportation was crushed when may transfer accidentally broken. If the internal LED does not light, the first reason maybe between the line and the line of weld, second is the reason that the LED module is broken, third is the reason that the power is broken. Whether the external parts are broken or the internal LED lights are not bright, please contact us, our Hin lighting, and we can recharge one of the outer parts and inner parts. Then in accordance with the installation video we send, it will be able to replace the bad parts with the process, or to repair it.

Red LED decorated lanterns, bearing the hope and blessing of the Chinese people, heralding life can be red and red fire, it is in the side, happy and hope is with. The appearance of landscape lights makes the city at night very dazzling.

The LED decorative color lamp is an indispensable part of the modern landscape. It not only has its own high ornamentability, but also emphasizes the harmony and unity of the landscape of the art lamp and the historical and cultural of the scenic area and the surrounding environment. LED decorative lanterns make use of different shapes, different colors and brightness to make the scene.

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